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Primera IP60 Unboxing review

Let me begin this post by saying I am NOT a professional reviewer. I'm simply a photo booth company owner that wanted to check out something new and different for my company and provide info others may find useful. At this time I have 4 different printers and hope to get down to 1 style across all my booths. I currently run the Hiti 525L, Hiti510L (discontinued), DNP-RX1HS, and DNP620.

I recently received the Primera IP60 and, after seeing many have questions and thoughts, I wanted to share my experience with others. I'll post more info as the printer gets more use.

For now - I just want to talk about what I received:

1. When I expressed an interest in the printer, through the purchase, and after receipt - I have to say support was extremely responsive. I received quick answers to questions and helpful suggestions.

2. First thing I noticed, as anyone would, is the weight - it weighs less than my office inkjet printer - like REALLY light! I was a little concerned at how light it was and Primera has assured me the materials are durable.

3. Documentation was a little lacking. I don't expect full manuals, but needed a little more direction in how to load. It came with a quick start guide but it doesn't give info on where to connect the USB or how to load the paper and cartridge. In speaking with people at Primera I think they plan on adding a little more direction.

4. Once I learned how to load I was thrilled - teaching this to my attendants will be a breeze! It self-feeds the paper and dropping a cartridge is as simple as changing any inkjet cartridge.

5. You have to be careful in handling the media. There is a chip on the side of the media roll that moves pretty freely and can be pulled off with little effort. It simply drops into the printer though so, as long as you use care, it's simple.

6. The directions are VERY specific in as far as you need to install software before connecting the printer. I had absolutely no problem here following this simple direction. Plugged the printer in and it was good to go.

7. Once connected, a dashboard comes up that gives printer stats. There is an option to run this minimized and I highly recommend choosing this option as it will pop up during sessions if you do not.

8. I quickly learned that this was a different printer and needed to be approached as such - simply hooking up and printing yielded pretty dull prints - truthfully, at this point, I was disappointed and thought it was going to be a no-go. Then I learned about the print settings and vibrant color option and adjustink ink saturation. Once I figured this part out the prints popped and I felt much better about the printer.

9. There's a nice "cost per print" feature that gives you an estimated cost per print based on ink usage - you need to keep in mind though, this cost is purely ink and doesn't include the actual media.

10. Another nice feature is you can use the same ink cartridge across different media and you do not need to remove one to change the other. You also don't have to toss out the end of a paper roll because the ribbon is out so it appears there will be no waste. If you decide to change from glossy prints to stickers, you simply change out the paper. A lot of convenience here. I'm anxious to get some real world ink and media usage numbers.

11. I read some people talking about ink smearing when touch with wet hands. I will tell you I did everything but pour water directly on the print and I could not get the ink to run. I'm not sure how they got the ink to run.

12. I did have to hunt for the USB port - turns out, it was UNDER the sticker telling you to install the software before connecting the printer.

13. The catch tray looks to be much better than the one on my DNP RX1. It looks like guests won't have the opportunity to bump into it and snap off the catch legs.

Overall, I think this printer has HUGE potential. You cannot approach it with an apples to apples approach by saying it's not as good as a traditional dye sub printer because it's not a dye sub - it's a different printer with different features.

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